Creating a tech-hub in Paraguay

We are creating a model for connecting a developing country to the digital economy

Why Paraguay?

We are starting in Paraguay as there is an emerging tech community. However, the lack of infrastructure poses challenges to these entrepreneurs. These challenges aid us in creating better models. If we can create something that works in the face of such factors, then there is a greater chance of that model working everywhere else. As the community is very interconnected, information spreads rapidly, and as such we can iterate faster.

The Penguin Approach

The magic of a tech ecosystem happens through geographically dispersed clusters of tech entre-preneurship. Through our Penguin approach, we are creating communities around Paraguay. We activate local partners to spark the local ecosystem around coding.

We provide infrastructure such as “Penguin House” to centers where the community can meet and use for their own activities. Each community is enabled to be self-sustainable. Through creating an environment of knowledge, infrastructure and talent, each community will be able to sustain themselves by creating, leading, and running their own tech initiatives.

A successful tech ecosystem is founded on a few things, which we will explain below.

Venture Capitals

Innovation is an endeavor that brings the world forward and Venture Capitals bring the inflow of capital that make it happen. Penguin Academy partners with the most successful venture capitals to invest in the most promising startups in Paraguay.

Startup Know-how

Startups that use the latest technologies, processes and toolkits are more likely to succeed. We thus bring tech talents from the world’s hubs, such as Silicon Valley, to educate the communities in Paraguay.

Startup Community

Innovation does not happen in a vaccum, and startups need a community in which they can thrive. We are creating an enviroment where knowledge, venture capitals and entrepreneurs in Paraguay can easily be accessed to provide the tools for success.

Link to bigger markets

Paraguay has a proven track record as a market to test new products. We leverage this strength: our startups prototype locally in Paraguay but innovate for the world, targeting markets in Europe, the US, South East Asia and Latin America.


Penguin is active in 5 countries across three continents educating people through coding. The team has also developed a two week bootcamp curriculum that teaches the relevant skills to thrive in today's world. Over the last 18 months, Penguin has created over 60 coding activities across multiple topics to bring technology education forward. Penguin is a learning company: we iterate over the concepts we learn as we do them.






Paraguay declared us a National Interest

Penguin has been declared a National Interest by the government of Paraguay 3 months after the beginning of operations in the country.

The Results

In three years, Paraguay will be self-sustainable to the point where the ecosystem can…

… оperate their own bootcamps

… have a good deal flow and fund startups

… create world class talent

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