Penguin House

asunción, paraguay

A Place To Call Home

the Penguin House is the heart of Paraguay's tech community. With 6 bedrooms, a spacious living room and a garden large enough to be a park - this can be the perfect place for your events, or your stay in Paraguay.

Our concept 

Events Place

The House is a 5-minute walk from the central Shopping district of Asuncion, only a 10 minute drive from the airport. Your guests can easily access it through public transport.

We have a spacious living room for indoor events, and an amazing and refreshing garden for outdoor events.

Coworking Space

Offered as an infrastructure where the community can host tech events for free, the House is the ground Zero for Paraguay's tech community. There is always something going on and you will always find interesting people to meet.

The space is big enough to fit everyone, with quiet corners for focused work and a big living room for more social co-working. Our pool is available for you to cool down from the heat.


There are 4 bedrooms on the second floor of the House waiting for you. We provide top notch hospitality, with warm breakfasts and hearthy lunches.

You will experience true paraguayan hospitality under our care.


Welcome to your new home

The Penguin House provides housing and working space to like-minded individuals who work remotely. The concept was originally built around the Penguin Tribe, a start-up that provides a stimulating working environment for its members and partners.


Asunción, Paraguay

Asuncion bears an open and friendly culture that is easy to become acquainted with. In addition to this lifestyle, we host various events and workshops, bringing together the local tech-community.

If you resonate with the values and goals of this lifestyle, then we have a place for you. Send us a message, tell us about yourself. We look forward to meeting you.