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    Asunción, May 2019

  • This was Penguin's third bootcamp in Paraguay! In this two-week camp, 25 participants of all ages gathered to learn Python in Asunción. The course was complemented with workshops on robotics, Internet of Things and web development. The bootcamp ended with a hackathon where students worked on their own projects, launching everything they learned in class. The bootcamp is to provide participants with tools that allow them continue their learning path on their own, as well as give them the opportunity to contribute to the Paraguayan community.

    International Partnertships of Silicon Valley: team4tech & Twilio

    For this Bootcamp, Penguin and Fundacion Paraguaya they collaborated to bring Team4Tech and Twilio from Silicon Valley to Paraguay

    Together, they have expanded our curriculum to include a sales & business development workshop that Twilio will conduct in the last 3 days of the bootcamp.
    The Bootcamp ended with a Conference in Cerrito 22 of May , where the participants presented the solutions they have developed.

    Hackathon Projects

    Hobbies Page

    Ale, Valeria, Veronica, Federico, Adolfo

    This project is a platform for people who want to share their hobbies with others and thus earn extra income by doing what each one likes best.

    Link of the project in Github


    Caring Children

    Kamila, Dulce, Jazmin, Fernando, Lucas

    The project is a platform to accompany professionals who work with children and teach sexual education in a simple way that is easy to interpret for children. In addition, it can also be a tool to detect and prevent abuse.

    Link of the project in Github

    Educational game

    Maria, Ana, Gustavo, Leonildo, Liliana

    The project consists of an educational, interactive game for education about the correct classification of garbage and awareness about garbage.

    Link of the project in Github


    Plata Hetapp

    Sara, Margaret, Chew, Francisco

    Web finance, is a web platform that helps you know your economic situation or that of your family, with filling out some data it is already possible to take a balance and a result of the state of your finances.

    Link of the project in Github

    Health History

    Paula, David, Mauricio, Silvani, Laura

    The project consists of a platform where each user can host the history of their medical studies. This data may be accessible to all medical centers to expedite many processes in regards to the medical sector.

    Link of the project in Github


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