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    Asunción, February 2019

  • This marked Penguin's first bootcamp in Paraguay! In this two-week-long programming bootcamp, 25 participants of all ages and backgrounds came together to learn Python in Asunción. The course was complemented with workshops about robotics, Internet of Things and web development. The bootcamp ended with a hackathon where students worked on their own projects, setting in motion everything they learned in class. The bootcamp consists in providing the participants with tools to enable them to continue their learning path on their own, as well as give them the opportunity to contribute to the Paraguayan community.

    Hackathon Projects

    Smart Room

    Sebastian, Melanie, Marcelo, Carlos, Sebastian

    This IoT project was based on a device that converts a place into a 'Smart Room' using Raspberry Pi, Python and FLASK (a Responsive WebServer) as a voice device for commands. We focused on demonstrating not only the possibility of accessing it economically, but also on improving the quality of life for everyone, including those of people with disabilities.


    Jakai Robot

    Ivan, Giulliano, Miguel, Aldo, Williams

    We chose an IoT project that consisted in the design and construction of “Jakai”, a RECON-Robot built from a Rasberry Pi directed by a Bluetooth connection through a PS3 Controller, and a live feed from its Top-Mounted Camera to transmit all of his “missions”. For the construction of this robot, we applied the knowledge acquired in Object-oriented Programming (Python), and basic concepts of robotics and electronics.


    Giulliana, Ximena, Carlos, Claudia, Sol, Ivan

    Reikuaap is a web that seeks to expand the access to our city's information through a game, so that people can become acquainted with iconic cultural places. The idea was born through a social and educational problem in our country; we sought to create a collaborative space without boundaries in which can take part. We believe that the easiest way to learn is by playing, and this tool allows people to learn in a friendly manner.


    Monitoring System for Emergency Rooms

    Fernando, Hérika, Yumi, Alejandro, Leonardo

    Igloo presented a monitoring system for emergency rooms and ICUs. This project collects information from heart rate monitors on a Rasberry Pi, creating a database for all staff, which can be used in real time, or accessed later for research. Why did we choose this project? Because of its low manufacturing cost, easy implementation and simple handling.

    Airbag Helmet

    Ingrid, Maria, Analía, Myrian, Lorena, Guillermo

    We have created a model of a Airbag-Helmet for cyclists, which consists of a device that surrounds the neck and automatically activates thanks to an accelerometer adxl 345 at the time of detecting a very sudden movement, for example, while falling on the ground. Thanks to this, the airbag covers the rest of the head like a hoodie. The programming for this sensor was made in Python and was enabled through the use of a Rasberry Pi3.