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Penguin was established in 2015 as a digital agency operating at the intersection of AI (artificial intelligence) and web-development in Switzerland. Shortly after, Penguin secured clients on 5 continents.

In 2016, we began to teach our principles and creating Penguin Academy as a separate business. While running programs for top-executives in Switzerland, we established a non-profit branch in Paraguay that allows those in need to access similar education.

Our Values


Current education often dulls the natural human curiosity. By reigniting it, people can develop passion and find their purpose.

Divergent Thinking

Standardized tests teach us that there is only one right answer, and one way to get there. True innovation requires understanding that there are multiple solutions to one problem.


As competitive systems have hit their limit, contributing toward others is the way to move society forward exponentially.


In our age, humans must take more responsibility over their future, and understanding this is the first step to shaping it for the better. Ideas can only develop further when they are shared and iterated upon by others and it does not matter where in the world you are.

Global Community

The world is a village. Ideas or Information that is not shared in an understandable way has no impact. When you share material goods, they become scarce. When you share information, they become abundant.

Problem Solving

Short term thinking does not bring about any long term benefit. Improving the world requires stepping outside of the current mindset and imagining what the world could be, which also requires contemplating how to divide the task and conquer it step by step.

Meet the Penguins!

Björn Schmidtke

Co-Founder & Entrepreneur

Bryan Giger

Co-Founder & CEO

Delia Garcete Djonić

Country Manager

Fabian Gruber

Penguin House General Manager

Alberto Bacchelli

Prof. Empirical Software Eng.

Marcelo Elizeche Landó

Senior Developer

Yumi Kikuchi

Project Management

Charlie Patiño Dionisi

Tech Account Manager

Marco Colpo

Head of Public Relations

Sabrina von Wegerer

Head of Finance

Willi Bobadilla

Tech Lead

Sara Ferreira

Penguin House Operations

Dan Atanasov

Principal Developer

Pavel Belyaev


Vasil Hristov


Hermelinda Medina

Head of Kitchen

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