Coding as a School of Thought

Changing the paradigm in education.
We believe that..
Coding teaches 21st century skills

We use coding as a tool to show humans how to:

Solve Problems

Be creative

Be self-responsible

Teach themselves

Penguin Academy is making world-class coding education accessible through bootcamps to people in less developed regions, enabling everyone to benefit from a digital future.

5 days 15 Hours 25 People
Penguin MiniBootcamp

We have found that people who go through our programs develop a sense of purpose and a will to create new things, to explore, to develop further and to learn. They establish curiosity, want to contribute and give back to society.

World-class curriculum
Current trends and New technologies
Real world application
Helps boost your income
Guidance every step of the way



and Penguin join forces

Penguin partners with companies from the Bay Area to expand the scope of what it teaches. With Twilio, a very successful startup that builds cloud communication platforms, Penguin Academy has found a partner with great tech know-how and the willingness to share it with the community.

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